Even when both you and your spouse are ready to divorce, you may find the process quite difficult and stressful. It is even more difficult to start a new phase of life after divorce with someone who already has children. Take the advice of a Fort Lauderdale child support lawyer and follow the tips below to make a good stepparent for your stepchildren:

1. Do not try to take on a parenting role too soon. Let your stepchildren get to know you and become accustomed to your presence.
2. Do not rush to have a good relationship with your partner’s children or stepchildren.
3. Don’t try to be a cool stepparent. You shouldn’t feel the need to compete with your partner’s ex for their children’s attention or love.
4. Do not badmouth or insult the ex of your partner, especially in front of your stepchildren.
5. Don’t have unrealistic expectations of your stepchildren. They have already been through a difficult experience.
6. Don’t create a separate parenting plan from your partner; you both should be on the same page.
7. Don’t take it personally if the children favor their biological parent over you.
8. Don’t expect an instant, happy family. It takes time to get used to change, especially after a life altering event like divorce and a new (step) parent.
9. Don’t expect to display affection to your partner instantly in front of the kids. Kids need time to understand what is going on and they need time to understand what you feel for your partner.
10. Don’t ignore your relationship with your partner.

Practicing the points mentioned above will help you adjust and provide good parenting for your partner’s children.