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Marital and Family Law Firm in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Marital and Family Law Firm in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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Dividing debt: When student loans last longer than your marriage

America runs on credit, which means that most Americans have debt. Even if you are otherwise opposed to accumulating debt, you may have taken out sizable student loans to pay for your education. As of 2012, college graduates who financed a bachelor’s degree with student loans had an average of $29,400 in educational debt alone. READ MORE

It was personal, and now it’s just business

Last month, we wrote about the tricky process of keeping a co-owned business going after the spouses who run it get divorced. Data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows that about 3.7 million small businesses are owned by married couples. Considering how high the divorce rate is, there’s a good chance that many of these READ MORE

Under the microscope: Choose words, actions carefully in divorce

If you have recently gone through a legal separation or have just filed for divorce, your relationship status may not feel very different from what it was before. However, the demarcation line between a struggling marriage and a pending divorce is an important one. What you do and say now will likely be scrutinized and READ MORE

Family law complications for couples with special-needs children

Although each couple is different, there are a number of common stressors that can put strain on a marriage. Infidelity is an obvious example. But couples may also find that their relationship can be strained by things such as unemployment, financial difficulties and health problems. Whether any of these stressors will lead to divorce largely READ MORE

It is common to struggle with doubts in divorce

Getting divorced is a big decision with the potential for many negative consequences. In light of this, you may experience significant doubts and worries throughout the process. Should I stay or should I go? Is divorce the right move for me? What would divorce do to the kids? Can we mend the relationship or is READ MORE