Filing for a divorce is a difficult situation under most circumstances. For some men, a divorce is made even more difficult because they will need to file for alimony or spousal support as part of the divorce settlement. Florida residents might like to learn about a new trend occurring in which more men are getting alimony payments as part of divorce settlements.

As more and more women become the primary earners in households, the number of men who file for alimony is increasing. For some men, the income difference is because of the growing trend of stay-at-home fathers. Another reason for the income difference occurs when a man opts for lower-paying jobs so that his wife can go after higher-paying jobs.

The Supreme Court ruled in 1979 that gender bias mustn’t be part of alimony decisions, but society as a whole has been slower to accept men receiving spousal support. Despite the ruling, some men aren’t getting outcomes equal to women when they are awarded spousal support. Some women are opting to offer lump sum payments to their former spouse instead of having to make monthly payments.

While some men might not feel comfortable asking for alimony from their former spouse, there are some situations in which the spousal support can be beneficial. One instance is when the man has children. If you are facing a divorce and feel you might be entitled to spousal support because your spouse makes more money than you, consulting with a Florida divorce attorney might help you to determine the suitability of an alimony request.

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