It’s often a shock when a lengthy relationship ends. But when that relationship is filled with life challenges and difficulties, many would say that it’s better to go through the heartache of a breakup than to continue in a relationship that simply isn’t working.

This may have been the reasoning behind Sue Cassidy’s recent decision to file for divorce from her husband David after 23 years of marriage. Although she has not disclosed why she is filing for divorce, some speculate it may have something to do with David’s continuous struggle with alcohol. The actor is currently at a rehabilitation center, which is a decision she says that she was glad he made, especially in light of his recent DUI arrest.

Whatever the reason, Sue Cassidy says that the split has been brewing for quite some time and has left her “truly heartbroken.” As some of our readers know, addiction not only affects the people who are dealing with it, but their family members as well. This can often put an enormous amount of stress on a spouse, which may be the case for the Cassidys. Those of you who have experienced similar struggles realize that the heartache of a divorce may be minimal compared to the unhappiness the couple might be experiencing together. In the end, separation may be better than staying together.

As with any high-asset divorce, the Cassidys will have to make some rather difficult decisions regarding the division of their property, especially considering the fact that David has two children, a son with Sue and a daughter from another relationship. And depending on whether the couple had a prenuptial agreement, it’s possible that this could become a contentious part of their divorce.

Source: The Los Angeles Times, “David Cassidy’s wife files for divorce after 23 years of marriage,” Christie D’Zurilla, Feb. 11, 2014