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Marital and Family Law Firm in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Marital and Family Law Firm in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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Fighting Unreasonable Demands

Our Client: Kevin, the husband Overview: Veronica made unreasonable demands on money and used their child as a negotiating tool. The Result: Kevin, our client, was given full custody of the child and child support. Veronica was granted alimony, which was later revoked when she failed to live up to the conditions of the court. READ MORE

Making Allowances

Our Client: Pam, the wife Overview: Fred was offering much less alimony than his $230k salary would afford. The Result: Pam, our client, was given an opportunity to go back to school, move to a new city and given a permanent alimony settlement to allow her a comfortable lifestyle in the new location. The Story: READ MORE

Counting Boxes

Our Client: Gina, the wife Overview: Carlo, the husband, was unwilling to give Gina an appropriate amount of alimony and misrepresented the value of his business. The Result: Gina, our client, was awarded a fair alimony settlement when we demonstrated the actual value of the business. The Story: Gina had married into a restaurant family. READ MORE

The Family Business

Our Client: Sam, the husband Overview: Jeri, the wife, refused reasonable visitation rights and made unreasonable demands for alimony. The Result: Sam, our client, was awarded custody of the three children. The wife was awarded no alimony, and instead had to pay child support to Sam. The Story: Sam owned a large real estate firm READ MORE