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Marital and Family Law Firm in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Marital and Family Law Firm in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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Florida Divorce Lawyers: Role and Responsibilities

The infographic, ‘Responsibilities of Divorce Lawyers in Florida,’ describes the different types of services offered by Florida divorce lawyers. Getting a divorce is a stressful and a difficult process – the best way to get through a divorce smoothly is with the help of a good lawyer. The role of a Florida divorce lawyer is READ MORE

How to Get Divorced Easily and Quickly in Florida

Divorce in Florida is technically called “dissolution of marriage.” Here are certain important things that you should know about getting a divorce in Florida: Under Florida law, the fastest a couple can get divorced is 20 days. There are basically two forms of divorce – simplified divorce and regular divorce. You are only eligible for READ MORE

Things to Know about the Uncontested Divorce Process

An uncontested divorce is a divorce where both partners agree on all major issues. Some of these issues include The division of property Distribution of debt Sharing of parenting time and responsibilities The amount and duration of any child support The amount and duration of alimony (spousal support) The process of an uncontested divorce is READ MORE

A Guide to Different Types of Divorce

Divorce (aka dissolution of marriage) can be expensive and time-consuming. Though most divorces have the same end result, there are different types of divorce processes, including: Uncontested divorce: A divorce in which both the parties work together to come to an agreement on major issues like child custody, visitation, property distribution, and child support, either READ MORE

2 Key Steps to Choosing the Right Divorce Attorney

Are you facing a divorce, but don’t know the legal ins and outs related to the process? Finding the right divorce lawyer can help in dealing with this difficult situation. Below are the two key steps to finding the right divorce attorney for your case: Be realistic and focus on your goal: Divorce is a READ MORE