The info-graphic titled “Guidelines for Calculating Child Support” mentions items used to determine a parent’s ability to pay child support. In such cases, a family lawyer can best help you understand what guidelines you should follow in order to pay the exact amount that is needed.

A lawyer will act on your behalf and submit an accurate proof of income. A child support lawyer not only helps you in calculating the right amount of child support but also helps in filing a petition and will assist in determining financial factors including tax ramifications.

Items that can determine child support calculations include:

  • Paycheck statements
  • Custody order for children
  • Divorce orders for both parents that contain alimony
  • Letters from social security administration showing SSDI or SSI benefits
  • Veteran’s benefits statements
  • Tax documents, such as 1040’s and W-2’s
  • Child support orders for children living in either parent’s home
  • Proof of medical expenses not covered by insurance
  • Workers compensation statements
  • Any other evidence of either parent’s income

To know more about finding a child support lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, check out the details mentioned on below info-graphic.