Raising a child can be incredibly expensive. Ask any parent here in Florida and they will tell you the same thing. But few know this fact better than those trying to raise a child on a single income. Without sufficient child support payments, a single parent can find themselves falling into a considerable financial crisis with few options when it comes to debt relief. For some this means requesting a child support modification that may or may not be granted by the courts. For others, bankruptcy is the only alternative, which can be just as frustrating.

The mother of a five-year-old boy is learning this lesson the hard way this month after she filed for bankruptcy in a Florida court. But unlike with so many other single parents where their ex-spouse might not be able to afford more in child support payments, the woman in this case has different circumstances. Her child’s father is famed Miami Heat star Chris Bosh; and according to the child’s mother, it’s because of his low child support payments that she had to file for bankruptcy in the first place.

This isn’t the first time that the mother and Bosh have run into issues concerning their child.  According to reports, the pair has been disputing the current custody and financial arrangements for years.  And with the most recent accusations that Bosh is paying less than he should in support payments, it would seem that these issues still have not been resolved.

As many of our readers here in Broward County know, a person’s situation can change in an instant; and as the story above shows, this can result in serious financial difficulties.  While modifications to child support payments can be requested, some people might not know they have this option without speaking to a lawyer.  Not seeking legal counsel can result in situations such as the one above, often leaving one parent feeling frustrated and with few options to escape debt.

Source: Sports World News, “Chris Bosh Baby Mama Files For Bankruptcy? Claims Low Child Support Payments Hurting Bottom Line [VIDEO],” Glenn Minnis, Feb. 4, 2014