One aspect that many people don’t really think about when they are going through a divorce is how the children will be affected if one parent chooses to move away from the other parent. For some children, having to deal with being away from one parent for extended periods of time is a reality.

Whether you are going through a divorce now that involves children or are trying to get your child custody order updated to allow you to move, the children must be considered. Florida residents might be interested in learning about some considerations for these types of moves.

Some parents might not think about how the family court will view the potential move. It doesn’t matter how good the job or how great the support system will be in the destination city if the child isn’t going to adjust well. The family court will put the child first, so you must plan to prove that the move will be for the child’s benefit.

You may be criticized for your desire to move away from your child’s other parent. Family members and friends might surprise you with the reactions they have to the news that you want to move. You might be called a number of things, including vengeful or bitter.

In the event you do move away from the other parent, you have to be ready to deal with feelings of guilt. Even if you do stay near the child’s other parent, you may still feel guilty about giving up what the other location had to offer.

If you are considering a move with your child that will take you away from the child’s other parent, consulting with a Florida family attorney can help you understand your responsibilities and rights for the legal process.

Source: Huffington Post, “6 Things to Expect and Consider When Relocating with Children After Divorce” Andrea Moore, Dec. 18, 2013