Maybe it’s something in the water. A recent analysis of divorce rates in the U.S. revealed the 10 cities with the highest number of divorce, and Florida has four of them, including the number-one metro area.

According to the American Community Survey and the Daily Beast, Panama City has the highest divorce rate of all U.S. cities. Deltona, Palm Bay and Jacksonville also make the top 10, coming it at sixth, eighth and ninth place respectively, the Huffington Post reports.

Interestingly, though Florida has more cities in the top 10 than any other state, the state as a whole does not have a particularly high divorce rate. Measuring the number of divorces per 1,000 residents age 15 or above, Florida comes in at the 7.66 – 9.31 range. To compare, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia all have more divorces per capita.

What is it about Panama City? It appears that many Floridians seeking a divorce head there to file. The Bay County Clerk of Courts reported that more than 300 divorce filings out of the 531 filed this year did not provide an address or date of birth. Tiger Woods reportedly handled his divorce in Panama City.

At least one local marriage counselor questions the study’s findings. Others note that the non-resident filers may make the numbers misleading.

No matter how many divorces are filed in Florida, each case is unique. Each couple has their own reasons for ending their marriage, and every case has its own array of marital property to divide. Also, the parties must try to settle issues such as spousal support and child custody and support if necessary. How they do so — or whether they are — depends in large part on the spouse’s personalities and the complexities of their relationship.

Source: WMBB-TV, “Honeymoon is Over, Panama City Leads U.S. in Divorce Rate,” Corey Dobridnia, Nov. 5, 2013