Our Client:
Kevin, the husband

Veronica made unreasonable demands on money and used their child as a negotiating tool.

The Result:
Kevin, our client, was given full custody of the child and child support. Veronica was granted alimony, which was later revoked when she failed to live up to the conditions of the court.

The Story:
When Kevin and Veronica filed for divorce, Kevin did not plan to fight for custody. Veronica had been a stay-at-home mother to their child, and he sought only reasonable visitation rights.

But Veronica proved impossible to negotiate with. She made unreasonable financial demands of our client, and whenever he resisted, she restricted Kevin’s access to their child. She canceled vacation plans suddenly, announced sicknesses at the last minute, and disparaged her husband to their child.

Our job was to show the court that Veronica’s behavior with her children was ultimately not in the best interests of the child and it was intimately connected to her demands for greater alimony and child support.

In this case, we relied on our investigation of Veronica’s pre-marriage life. We discovered that Veronica had been married once before, and she had children from the prior marriage. During her first divorce, she had engaged in a pattern of alienation and difficult behavior, once again using her children as leverage against her husband and his new wife.

Negotiation proved impossible and the case went to trial. But instead of settling for visitation rights, we agreed with Kevin that he should sue for full custody and child support. He knew he would never be allowed to develop a healthy relationship with his child while they were in his ex-wife’s care.

To build our case, we relied on documents from Veronica’s previous divorce, as well as testimony from her first ex-husband and his new wife. Ultimately, Kevin was awarded custody and child support. Veronica was granted conditional rehabilitative alimony, but she failed to live up the court’s conditions and alimony was soon revoked.