When most people think of the word divorce they think of a contentious legal battle that pits soon-to-be ex-spouses against each other. And because this stereotype is perpetuated by Hollywood, many people think that this is how divorce is supposed to be. But while this may the case for some couples, for others the divorce process may not be as contentious and can even be amicable in many ways.

Our readers here in Florida can see just such an example with actress Hilary Duff who announced recently that she and her husband of nearly four years were planning on separating. And while most people assume that a high-asset divorce such as theirs will be contentious, the celebrity couple is proving that this might not be the case for them .

According to reports, the couple has decided on an amicable separation, which is sometimes rare with celebrity divorces considering the fact that they are constantly in the lime light. But as reports indicate, the couple remains best of friends, which might play into their favor, especially when dealing with the grittier aspects of divorce.

Although it’s unclear if the couple signed a prenuptial agreement prior to marriage, it’s still possible that the property division process will go smoothly considering the fact that much of their wealth was accrued prior to their marriage. As some of our readers might know, Duff was a child star for many years and her soon-to-be ex-husband is a retired NHL player. Although it’s possible that they might run into complications when dividing their assets, their friendliness towards each other might work in their favor and help them come to an agreement faster down the road.

There is also the child custody issue of their 2-year-old son. As many of our readers know, child custody battles can get ugly and can drag out the divorce process longer than most couples would like. But this might not be the case for Duff who gushed about her husband and how good of a father he is to his son. This would suggest that the couple may go with more of a joint custody arrangement, which would result in a more equitable shared parenting time.

Source: USA Today, “Hilary Duff, husband Mike Comrie split,” Olivia Barker, Jan. 10, 2014