When parents fight, kids are the ones who suffer the most. There are cases that witness children going into depression or having low self esteem after their parent separate. Experienced divorce lawyer in Fort Lauderdale suggests some ways to boost up your child’s self confidence:

1. Don’t talk poorly about your ex: When you talk negatively about your ex, it creates a loyalty conflict in your kids. Don’t let your negative views get in the way of their happiness.
2. Encourage your child to take part in outdoor activities and develop interest in various activities: Recognize your child’s strengths and interests and let him/her take part in various activities to boost confidence.
3. Spend time with your child and enjoy what they do: Spend time with your child and listen to them. Encourage them to cultivate good habits like sports, exercising and jogging.
4. Encourage your children to be assertive: Tell your child to voice their opinions even when those opinions may not be popular. Teach them to differentiate between right and wrong.
5. Encourage your child to spend equal time with both parents: Be flexible with the parenting time. Your child needs the love of both parents, especially during adolescence.

The above mentioned points will not only help to boost your child’s confidence, but will also help your child to avoid many of the negative effects of your divorce.