Did your spouse just serve you with divorce paperwork? Are you thinking about filing for divorce? Do you have a rocky marriage and need guidance or advice about your options? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, you probably also have many questions of your own. Meeting with a qualified family law attorney located is your first step to getting those answers.

How do you decide which divorce attorney to hire? Consider the list below as you begin your search.

1. Reputation.
Many people use lawyers and it is helpful to hear their feedback. Talk to your friends, colleagues, and other professionals to get referrals for divorce attorneys you may want to speak to.

2. Experience.
If you or your spouse owns a business, you may want to consider hiring an attorney with experience with cases where businesses were involved. Similarly, if you want to attempt to resolve your divorce collaboratively, it is important to visit an attorney with collaborative family law experience.

3. Organized and Attentive.
When you called the office, did the attorney or a member of his or her staff promptly return your phone call? This is a view into the organization of the office. You want your divorce attorney and his or her staff to be organized, responsive, and attentive.

4. Welcoming and approachable.
Was the attorney’s staff friendly? You will be dealing with the staff quite a bit. It is important to make sure that the staff is pleasant and friendly.

5. In-person meeting.
Will the family law attorney meet with you face-to-face at your initial consultation? This is extremely important and fundamental to your future attorney-client relationship.

6. Cooperative.
Was the attorney accommodating about scheduling the consultation? Attorneys are busy, but they should be cooperative with scheduling a meeting that works for both their schedule, and yours.

7. Thorough.
Did the divorceattorney answer and explain your questions? Be sure to read the article published on January 18, 2016 for advice on how to prepare and what you can expect before your consultation with your lawyer.

8. Did the divorce attorney speak frankly about the legal fees?
Make sure there are no extra costs that the attorney failed to mention, for example, filing fees. How does the billing process work? Many attorneys require a retainer that is held in a trust account and then they will bill against that amount. If you can’t afford that attorney, don’t hire him or her. You don’t want to have to switch lawyers in the middle of your divorce because you can’t afford to replenish your trust account.

9. History.
Does the attorney have a disciplinary history with The Florida Bar? If so, be cautious.

10. Comfort.
Do you feel comfortable with the attorney? As you will be working closely with your attorney, it is important to be at ease during the process. This is the most important consideration because this is the person who is going to be working with you through the very specific and personal details of your divorce.
Regardless of your choice in attorney, it is important that you feel comfortable with your decision. Hiring an experienced attorney located in Broward County or Palm Beach County who will help you through the process is essential.