The info-graphic titled as “Issues handled by Child Custody Lawyer in FT. Lauderdale” can help you identify what type of cases a Child custody lawyer can assist with. Your attorney can handle cases including allocation of parental responsibilities, custody evaluation, child & family investigation, child support, paternity, and modification & enforcement of orders.

In Ft. Lauderdale, the allocation of parental responsibilities includes parenting time and decision making. If you and your spouse can’t agree on time sharing and visitation issues, the court may appoint a guardian Ad Litem or may order a social investigation to conduct an evaluation.

In case of child support, Ft. Lauderdale courts uses a formula to determine how much child support you are entitled to receive or are obligated to pay. This formula includes factors such as how many overnights each spouse has with the children, how much money each spouse earns, or whether there is a history of private schools or activities.

If you are an unmarried couple and are disputing child custody, the first step in determining parenting responsibilities and child support is to establish paternity.

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