Finalizing a divorce can be a relief. The effort to work out division of property, child support and other issues has come to an end. It can also be bittersweet for some people. Though the marriage was probably beyond repair, going from being married to being single again is bound to take some time to adjust to.

On the other hand, a divorce can also be a reason to celebrate. At least, it was for one Florida woman whose divorce was finalized on Dec. 5. Instead of feeling unhappy or reflective, she wanted to the world to know about the end of her marriage.

Soon after the divorce was finalized, the woman wrote “Just Divorced” in the rear windshield of her minivan. It was the idea of an employee at the woman’s drug store. She told the woman that she had thought about a similar sign on her vehicle after her divorce, but never did it.

The Florida woman decided that the humorous spin on the traditional “Just Married” sign was too good to pass up. Soon after she did it, the “Just Divorced” sign got a lot of attention; a photograph ended up on “Good Morning America” and the woman found herself receiving a great deal of media attention.

She said that local reaction in Sebring, where she lives, has been positive. People who see her van wave, give her the thumbs-up and even ask for pictures.

It was the second marriage for the woman, and it lasted just 18 months. This may help to explain her light-hearted attitude toward the proceedings. In addition to the sign, she had a cake made with “I’m Divorced” iced on top that she served at a local dance.

Source: Highlands Today, “Sebring woman has a driving divorce,” Paul Catala, Dec. 14, 2013