It may seem shocking that a celebrity would be unable to pay child support because of financial problems, but this is exactly what rapper and actor Ludacris is claiming in court this month. What could make a judge’s decision even more difficult though is the fact that he is now asking for full custody of his 2-month-old daughter and would like his ex-girlfriend to pay child support instead.

If Ludacris is granted a new custody arrangement, it could override a previous judge’s decision that ordered him to pay $7,000 a month in child support. Ludacris says that he has been unable to pay this amount because his work on “Fast and Furious 7” was put on hold after the untimely death of actor Paul Walker. He says he is still waiting on a paycheck from the project and in the meantime is offering to pay a fraction of what the court is ordering him to pay.

Although Ludacris claims in court documents that he is a “fit and capable parent,” the decision of whether to award him full custody will not be made quickly, especially because the judge will have to carefully consider what is best for the child.  Just like any child custody case here in Florida, the family law judge in this case will look at each parent’s financial situation as well as their ability to care for the child.  And because of Ludacris’ financial uncertainty at this time, the judge’s decision could be that much more difficult.

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