Former Florida congressman Joe Scarborough is acknowledging that he and his wife have gotten divorced. Actually, the divorce was finalized in January after being filed for in September 2012, indicating that Scarborough was able to keep his personal matters out of the press for a surprisingly long time.

The couple married in 2001, when Scarborough, right around the time when he left the House after three terms representing the 1st district of Florida. The couple has two children, while Scarborough has two children from a previous marriage.

Since 2007, Scarborough has hosted “Morning Joe,” the morning show for the cable news network MSNBC. Since that job began after the couple got married, his income — which is surely very substantial — would probably be considered marital property.

It is not clear if the couple signed a prenuptial agreement prior to marriage. However, it appears that issues such as division of property and child custody were settled relatively quickly and quietly, taking just a few months and not making the news for more than a year. Unfortunately, many high-asset divorces become acrimonious and end up in a lengthy court battle. Sometimes this is necessary to achieve a fair result, but in other cases it is due to unrealistic expectations or an inability for the spouses to deal civilly with each other.

In a statement released by MSNBC, the couple said that each former spouse was devoted to focusing on the welfare of their children. They said that the decision to divorce was difficult but “the right one for our family.” The couple says they are still close friends.

Source: Washington Post, “Joe Scarborough and wife Susan quietly divorce,” Roxanne Roberts and Emily Yahr, Oct. 10, 2013