Having a low income and then facing the prospects of divorce are two pieces that can create a recipe for disaster for just about anyone across the nation, including many here in Florida. This is especially true for divorcing parents who, along with fighting over assets, may also fight over child custody. In many cases, a low-income spouse may not be able to afford legal counsel in situations such as this, which can make the frustration and sadness of a divorce that much worse.

This was something one film producer learned when he went through his own divorce and custody battle, which eventually led him to make a documentary about the struggles divorcing couples sometimes face in America. While his own story was an inspiration for starting the project, he tells reporters that it was ultimately two very tragic stories he encountered firsthand that inspired him to focus the documentary on low-income people and share their hardships with the rest of the nation.

Called “Romeo Misses a Payment,” the main focus of the documentary is on child custody and child support issues that low-income parents face in court rooms across the nation. While different states handle these family law cases differently, the film producer noticed that the emotions associated with the process were similar across the board, including frustration when legal counsel cannot be afforded and sadness when that lack of representation results in a loss of custody.

Although the film’s producer admits that high-income parents may still struggle with child custody and child support issues, he wanted this documentary to highlight the struggles facing those who cannot afford legal counsel and what can happen as a result. Unfortunately, this happens more often than people think, which is the message he hopes the documentary will showcase to people.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Divorce and Child Custody Cases in America — See Film Romeo Misses a Payment,” Ilana Rapp, Jan. 7, 2014