It’s a myth that prenuptial agreements are only for the wealthy. While couples with substantial assets often draft one prior to marrying, prenuptial agreements can be useful for couples from all walks of life. In fact, a recent survey by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers indicates that the number of prenuptial agreement have increased over the past three years. However, there are a few things Florida couples may wish to consider before getting one.

Talking about a prenuptial agreement requires a delicate approach. If one partner wants to suggest a prenuptial agreement, it is probably wise to do so carefully to minimize hurt feelings. Even if both partners are on board with the idea, negotiations may not go smoothly. Couples can also use this opportunity to talk about their expectations regarding finances and their marriage, which may be included in the agreement.

It may be worth considering that a prenuptial agreement is not necessary in many cases. Couples without substantial income or assets may not necessarily need one. However, prenuptial agreements can be a useful tool for couples who have been married previously. It can be used to protect children from previous marriages and ensure that other financial obligations can be met.

A prenuptial agreement not only allows each partner to protect his or her assets that were brought into the marriage, but it helps each of them know their rights if they divorce. However, prenuptial agreements can be very complex and difficult to complete without guidance. Florida couples may find it beneficial to seek assistance in order to ensure that their prenuptial agreement meets legal standards while also protecting each of them if the marriage comes to an end.

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