Couples decide to get divorced every year in Florida. However, the economy during the last few years contributed to fewer divorces throughout the country. The divorce rate during the recession did not mean that fewer couples wanted to get divorced. Instead, it showed that many couples consider the economy, employment status and financial stability when making the decision to get divorced or not. 

If the economy plays a role in the divorce rate in the United States, it should mean that we will start to see an increase in divorce filings as the economy continues to improve. A new study may help prove this theory. The study found that divorce rates are already increasing, and it is likely due to more couples being able to afford divorce

The study claims that the divorce rate declined after the recession in 2007. The researchers said the decline was due to couples not being able to afford divorce, especially if they were not as financially secure as in the past. 

In 2010 the economy began to improve, and the divorce rate increased to 19.8 divorces per 1,000 married women in the U.S., the study claims. The study suggested that this was due to more couples being financially secure and comfortable with getting divorced as the economy improved. 

The finding that the divorce rate is linked to the economy is not that surprising, but it is an interesting issue to be aware of. Many couples think about separating and getting divorced, and this study shows that many couples are considering the financial impact of divorce before deciding whether or not to file for divorce. 

Couples thinking about divorce should use this study as an example of the importance of considering several factors before filing for divorce. It is important to understand the financial impact divorce can have on your life and what steps you can take to create new financial goals for yourself after the divorce has been finalized.

Source: The Huffington Post, “New Study Says Divorce Rates Will Increase As Economy Recovers,” Taryn Hillin, Jan. 28, 2014